Imagine you just retired.

It’s 2050(ish), and you’re looking back on your life. What will you be most proud of? What will you regret? What do you picture the world looking like?

If we all continue to live our normal lives, that picture will be quite harrowing. Once-in-a-century storms devastating communities each year. Droughts turning once fertile lands into deserts. The billions of people, among the most vulnerable, forced to migrate towards places that will almost certainly erect steeper walls to keep them out. The global economy grinding to a halt as we fight over scapes.

This image is probably not the type of retirement that you imagined nor is it the type that 20th century carbon capital has promised. Yet, it is all but inevitable.

So what are you going to do about it?

Start from Square One

We’re drowning in information these days. Most of it is garbage. The deluge of content available can make finding a place to start an insurmountable barrier.

My commitment to you is to bring the best activists, academics, and engineers to your inbox in a structured way to reduce your activation energy to take action.

We’ll start with the basics before building up to the solutions we need. Along the way, we’ll cover:

  1. Why isn’t the Earth a frozen space rock?

  2. Why is it getting warmer?

  3. What role do humans play in the Earth’s warming?

  4. How do we mitigate / adapt to a warming earth?

  5. Who are the companies / non-profits / organizations working on this?

  6. How can you get involved?

The end result is a clear line from “I should be doing something” to “I am doing something” formed from an unbroken chain of logic.

Get Involved

If you find value in this newsletter, please share with your friends, family, and co-workers. In order to change everything we need everyone.

There are many incredible organizers, activists, and scientists who have been working in this space for a long time. They are the primary sources and deserve all credit. My goal is to amplify their voices as I uncover their stories. I’ll cite and share as I learn.